• Provides $500 per year for up to four years for each award recipient
  • 16 award recipients since our inception in 2008
  • 9 award recipients have received secondary degrees or certifications
  • 3 recipients are still actively pursuing their educational journey
  • Over $27,000 awarded​ since our inception

Our Mission at a Glance


Daddy's little Girl Scholarship

...by the numbers 

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Our commitment is to provide inspirational assistance to other “Daddy’s Little Girls” who have made the decision to embark upon an educational journey.  We begin this commitment with a mantra that “every little bit helps” and with the knowledge that whatever financial assistance we provide will ultimately be secondary to our efforts to deliver the gift that we are trying to give, one of remembrance and appreciation, one of love. 


The Daddy's Little Girl Scholarship

In celebration of our parent’s 65th wedding anniversary in May, 2008, we decided to honor them with a gift that says: “ We remember and appreciate all that you have done for us!”.  Our parents truly love and cherish each one of us.  They demonstrated their love in the numerous sacrifices they made on our behalf.
This remembering and cherishing manifests itself in our love for our little sister, Irene Nellie Platt.  Our once vibrant sibling, the heart of all our hearts, never had the opportunity to attend Kindergarten as she was stricken with measles at the age of three which then developed into encephalitis.  For us, the surviving siblings, we have been blessed to begin our formal educational journey with an opportunity to progress as far as our individual wills deemed necessary, provided that we could also ascertain the funding.  Our educational journeys have formally resulted in four bachelor degrees, two master degrees, a host of certifications, and a Day Care entrepreneur.